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Magnolia Brush 52 Heavy Duty Mill Duster, Plastic Bristles, 1-3/4" Trim, Bristle 8" Length x 1-3/4" Width, 13" Overall Length, Brown


Product description


Magnolia Brush heavy-duty mill duster. Brown plastic is staple set in clear lacquered hardwood block. Filling material is set in block without side flare. Brush is heavily filled in front end where heavy wear is encountered. This brush is very popular for cleaning metal chips from lathes, milling machines, etc. in machine shops. bristles measures 8-inches length by 1-3/4-inches width. 13-inches overall length, 1-3/4-inches trim.

Mag 52 - Plastic Heavy Duty Mill Duster - Brown

SKU: Mag 52
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