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The Super Scraper SS2 is a multi purpose carbide edge scraping tool with a 2" wide blade. The list of its uses is nearly endless however it was designed for use by mechanics, machinists, welders, hobbyists, and all types of do-it-your-selfers! This Made in the U.S.A. Super Scraper is even recommended by the TOOLGUYD! Read his review for yourself by clicking here!. 

The Difference Is In the Edge

The real performance that users of the Super Scraper tool experience is in the power of it's precision ground carbide edge. Designed similar to a carbide tipped router bit, this scraper will last about 100 times longer than most typical steel scraper blades and the manufacturer will even resharpen it for free! The edge of the Super Scraper is tough enough, and will last long enough for any job! Put it to use and you will find you can finish the job much quicker, with better results with the Super Scraper.

Use the Super Scraper to Remove:

  • Rust
  • Paint
  • Metal Buildup
  • Varnish
  • Glue
  • Concrete and More!

SS-2 - 2" Superscraper

SKU: Super Scraper SS-2
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