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Since 1899, Harper® has changed how people clean surfaces around the world. Harper® began in 1899, when Alphonso K. “A.K.” Harper saw his mother struggling with her daily household chores of scrubbing floors and cleaning surfaces. He was inspired to created his first five-piece combination brush kit, hand crafted from horse hair.

Manufactured in the USA, you’ll find Harper cleaning tools In the hands of the hard workers, the cleaners, the experienced, the perfectionists, the detail-focused, the dedicated, the passionate … the hands of those who care.

Harper® has successfully combined old-fashioned quality with 21st century innovation, taking full advantage of technological advances to streamline business operations and enhance its products while continuing to focus on how it all began -- an American reputation steeped in quality and integrity to create Durability Pros Rely On. Krivachek Janitorial is proud to bring you a diverse line of Harper products. 

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